Search: Sexual health services for people with learning disabilities

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There was a request for examples of sexual health services dedicated to supporting people with learning disabilities. The first search, using the terms ‘sexual health service*” and “learning dis*” retrieved far too many irrelevant sites. Changing the search to “sexual health service” and “people with learning dis*” retrieved examples of services on the first page of results. Using search engines instead of databases needs a shift away from thinking in terms of thesaurus-type keywords, and to start experimenting with the language you would expect health service report writers and communications staff to use.

  • Google search term: people with learning” “sexual health service*” (nhs OR pct)
  • Yahoo search term: “people with learning” “sexual health service*” (nhs OR pct)

Results of the search have been removed as many items retrieved were press released which are no longer available.