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If you are happy to share searches you have done around commissioning either complete the Commissioning Handbook search template or email a copy of your report to Anne Gray who will load it onto the Handbook. Don’t forget to highlight any useful resources which we could add to the main pages.


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Search report templates

 It is important that librarians present their findings in the most useful way.  When health managers were asked about their information seeking behaviour and preferences for a national survey(Edwards et al)  (n=2092 across 59 trusts, carried out Feb-July 2011) 83% said that they preferred “short summaries of research with key bullet points rather than long articles or documents”.

Edwards C, Fox R, Gillard S, Gourlay S, Guven P, Jackson C, Chambers M & Drennan V.Explaining Health Managers’ Information Seeking Behaviour and Use. Final report. NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation programme; 2013

Are you happy to share your search report templates? Here are some examples:

Submit yours to Anne Gray who will load it onto the Handbook

Examples of disclaimers / quality assurance statements

Quality assessment
The articles referenced in this review have not all been critically appraised. Where possible, the full text of the studies will be obtained, however where they are not available summaries will have been taken from either abstracts or from other narrative reviews. The studies chosen for this review have been chosen by a single reviewer. Commissioners are advised to read the primary research.

All links are provided for information only. A link does not imply endorsement of that site.

Every effort has been made to ensure that this information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. However it is possible that it is not representative of the whole body of evidence available. No responsibility can be accepted for any action taken on the basis of this information. It is the responsibility of the requester to determine the accuracy, validity and interpretation of the search results.
All links from this resource are provided for information only. A link does not imply endorsement of that site and the Lincolnshire Knowledge and Resource Service does not accept responsibility for the information displayed there, or for the wording, content and accuracy of the information supplied which has been extracted in good faith from reputable sources.

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