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Colleagues are one of the most commonly used resources used by commissioners. This can be through personal communications, but also through networks and communities of practice. This page lists some of the networks available to commissioners.

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CHAIN – Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network – an online mutual support network for people working in health and social care. Joining CHAIN will give you access to the CHAIN Directory, enabling you to find and communicate with other members of the network.
Open to anyone working in health and social care, in the public, voluntary, educational or private sector.

NHS Networks – Fora on a range of topics. Create your own forum. (Note – Many of the fora are no longer active)
Free registration

Better Care Exchange  –  brings together all key documents relating to integrated care and makes them easily accessible. It also provides a platform for collaboration and shared learning by putting you in touch with colleagues working on similar issues across the country.  Details of how to request access can be found at SCIE and from NHS England.

Supporting Federations Learning Network –  information and support around general practice working at scale, including useful resources and case studies as well as opportunities to share learning from your experiences and make useful links with other at scale organisations.
Membership is open to people working in GP practices and other organisations that support them.

The Academy of NHS Fabulous Stuff – The Academy is the place to share ideas about doing it right, boast about the good stuff and if you have a problem, the place to search for an answer. Includes a page encouraging sharing around urgent care through the emergency care intensive support team (ECIST).
Open to all but registration required to submit case studies.

Knowledge Hub – “The digital collaboration platform for global public service.” Join the Knowledge Hubs which interest you eg Health and Care Integration, or create a closed group.
Free registration

NHS Clinical Commissioners Networks – bringing CCG leaders together through specialist networks, forums and communities of interest. Currently 7 networks including Mental Health Commissioners Network and Nurses Forum.
Full resources available to members only.

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