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This section includes a range of information resources that libraries can use to support those involved in commissioning.

Each section describes information resources that can be used for different areas within commissioning:

Finally, find out about useful alerting services to help you keep up to date.

General resources

Fair shares – A guide to NHS Allocations, Department of Health July 2017
This is a very useful presentation of how the is NHS spending its money – how much is allocated to different organisations from the Department of Health, and how money is allocated to CCGs. Interesting reading as well as useful presentations.

NHS Commissioning – a brisk walk through the changes, organisations and key resources
compiled by Anne Gray for the HLG Newsletter March 2012.

Health and social care information sources- a guide for journalists  – Currently being updated (September 2013)
“A useful starting point in signposting what health and social care information is available, and where to get it from” organised by topic, with a brief description of the 18 contributing organisations.

Local Enhanced Service coverage in England’s PCTs a map showing Local enhanced service coverage and change in spending by England’s PCTs in 2011/12. Gives the LES budget 2011/12 and % change in ’11/12, plus a list of LESs for each PCT.  (No attribution given – possibly compiled using information from FOIs.)

Policy Appraisal and Health, DofH updated 2004 – a guide to performing a health impact assessment of policies