Commissioning Workshop for LKS staff, London October 2013

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This lively workshop was attended by 30 NHS librarians, all interested in understanding how they can improve their service to support an increasingly important sector of their user base – commissioners.

Keynote paper –Towards informed and innovative commissioningSue Lacey-Bryant (Formerly Director of Corporate Affairs and Partnerships for Milton Keynes CCG)

  • Commissioning defined
  • National context: the challenge and the landscape
  • Understanding the customer:
  • The commissioning pipeline
    • Information services and products for commissioners
    • Understanding the customer: value, customer care
    • How can librarians evolve to meet the need?

Engagement with CommissionersMike Roddham (Head of Library & Knowledge Services for West Sussex Knowledge & Libraries)

  • The importance of language
  • Where do we fit in the commissioning cycle?
  • What they want and what they don’t
  • The service model and how it will change us
  • The importance of relationships
  • Challenges and Gains

Relationship between LKS and Commissioners – Kieran Lamb (Evidence Services at Cheshire and Merseyside CSU) and Lis Edwards (Evidence Services Manager at Cheshire & Merseyside CSU)

  • Evidence for Commissioners – an emerging role for CSU staff – interdependence with other CSU colleagues and corporate structure
  • Evidence Reviews – focussing on the practical, not theoretical, it’s a grey world out there.
  • Filtering the Direct Approach from Commissioners – contractual arrangements and information provision.
  • Developing the Approach to Delivering Services to CCGs – Getting to an SLA, costing and pricing and models for this

Corporate Memory for Commissioning –  Louise Goswami (Head of Library Knowledge Services Development, HE KSS)

  • Ways to influence the development of a Corporate Memory with in a CCG, and tools that might have a role to play in local situations.
  • See the resources to support this presentation on the LKS Marketing materials page of the LKSL website.

The Commissioning Handbook past present and future – Anne Gray (Knowledge Officer, Greater East Midlands CSU, formerly Milton Keynes CCG)

  • An overview of the development, transition and benefits of the Handbook, relaunch of the Commissioning Handbook for Librarians and thoughts on how it can become a real tool to support NHS librarians who find themselves supporting the commissioners.
  • As part of this presentation attendees were asked to provide feedback and ideas for going forward:
    • Initial feedback on the relaunched Handbook – “website very informative”, “clear layout / structure”, “interesting case studies”
    • Hints and tips from other collaborative tools you have used – “Discussion lists”, “encourage use of the Commissioning mailing list -not just lurking in the background”
    • How to keep the Handbook up to date – “have a standing agenda item on patch group meeting”, “ask each patch to consider a commissioning topic and look for evidence on it”, “monthly request to champions to keep their section up to date” – and lots more
    • What else do LKS staff need? – “a jargon buster”, “search enquiries showing search strategy & resources used”, “lists of websites/resources other than HDAS to search on” and lots more
    • How do we ensure librarians know about the Handbook? -“publicity materials (we love post it notes)”, “get a commissioner to write a short piece for HLG Newsletter with a response on sources by librarians that helped them” and lots more.

Read the Workshop Feedback and suggestions in full.