Commissioning Handbook for Librarians relaunched 18 October 2013

The Commissioning Handbook for Librarians has been relaunched at a Commissioning Workshop for Librarians attended by over 30 medical librarians from across England, giving NHS librarians an updated tool to facilitate their work with commissioners.

The handbook will continue to be managed and developed collaboratively by NHS LKS staff throughout the country with the support of HEE Library & Knowledge Services Leads (LKSL) Service Development Group (formerly SHaLL.)

Health website changes on 1 April 2013

One of the obvious changes resulting form the organisational changes which took place on 1 April, are the changes to government websites. A number have been taken down, and many others are changing. Here are some of the changes most important to librarians supporting commissioners.

These changes will mean that some of the links in the Handbook are broken – please bear with us while we update these links.