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Resources to support professional development for commissioners:

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Courses, training programmes, toolkits and online learning

Learning resources for commissioners, leaders and managers
Some suggested resources from the MK CCG website.

NHS England – CCG learning and support tool – A series of web pages signposting the key learning and development opportunities available to CCGs, organised by the domains of authorisation.

Royal College of General Practitioners- online learning CPD resources – includes:

  • Commissioning: Improving Patient Journeys
  • Commissioning: What is it… and what’s my role?

Primary Care Commissioning – Commissioning for providers  – Introduction and follow up CPD modules.

There are a number of accredited training courses in association with universities now available to support commissioners – examples include:

Management and leadership skills Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
Resources designed for the social care setting eg Leadership, promoting a learning organisation, managing practice, mapping knowledge, people management.


NHS Commissioning Support for London’s (CSL) commissioning support programme aimed to build capability in both individuals and organisations. It offered a detailed understanding of the commissioning function and its delivery cycle to support the better provision of services across the NHS. It includes the Individual Commissioning Competencies Handbook which provides a standard framework that maps the skills and knowledge required against each stage of the commissioning cycle. The handbook can be accessed online. A self-assessment tool is also available to be used in conjunction with the content in the handbook. (The programme has now been discontinued following the closure of CSL.)

Competency framework for local decision-making groups (NPC March 2012) – seven competencies to support local decision making around medicines and treatments but could be extrapolated across commissioning.
Each competency includes an outline of the skills and underpinning knowledge and abilities needed. Assessment of evidence for clinical and cost effectiveness; Finance and contracting; Administration; Screening of in-year requests; External communication and engagement; Governance and safety; Deliberation, reasoning and ethical judgement; Group communication; Chairing.

Skills for practice-based commissioning Chapter 2 of the Commissioning ebook
What practices and PCTs need, in terms of resources and skills, to develop effective commissioning, drawing on previous research on primary care purchasing and commissioning.

World Class Commissioning competencies [Archived Content]
There were 11 WCC competencies: Locally lead the NHS, Work with community partners, Engage with public and patients, Collaborate with clinicians, Manage knowledge and assess need, Prioritise investment, Stimulate the market, Promote improvement and innovation, Secure procurement skills, Manage the local health system and Make sound financial investments

HSJ Supplement on Competency 5
Knowledge management and needs assessment, including case studies.

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