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Strategic options are identified in a single commissioning plan, which brings together all the information needed, and outlines how the trust will deliver on its core objectives. These are often called the “Commissioning intentions”.

Tips on searching the web:

When searching the internet, suggested terms include…

  •  “strategic option*” / strateg* / “business plan” / “service model”/ “commissioning intention”
  • COMBINE WITH keywords reflecting the topic area you are focusing upon
  • To limit to NHS papers, try combining your results with: (ccg OR nhs). To look for CCG publications add the following to your google search:  site: (note the space before the CCG.)
  • You can search for terms such as “board paper” / “strategy” to help to locate Trust papers

Also have a look at our summary of tips on searching the web.

NHS Networks Commissioning Zone
The Commissioning Zone includes resources on planning. To find these, conduct a search on planning, and browse through planning in the Process section.

Programming budgeting and marginal analysis (PBMA) [Archived Content]
Programme Budgeting Marginal Analysis (PBMA) can be used as a systematic way of identifying the range of options available, the resources required to produce the options and their expected effectiveness. NHS Programme Budgeting allocates Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) expenditure, including primary care services, to programmes of care based on medical condition.

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