No magic bullet for managing demand in planned care

There is no best practice manual to be found out there or in this report to guide health-care personnel on when, where and how to make referrals.”

That is the conclusion of this realist synthesis of evidence around demand management for planned care, but the report does stress that it is not a hopeless, unfathomable, insoluble task. There are many, diverse, hard-won, local and adaptive solutions. The report presents evidence behind a range of  the common approaches in detail, including- referral management systems, GPWSpIs and use of guidelines, and the final chapter offers some guidance on how commissioners might ‘think through’ the interdependencies through a series of Prompts.

A really useful addition to our Hot Topic on Demand Management page.

Pawson R, Greenhalgh J, Brennan C. Demand management for planned care: a realist synthesis. Health Serv Deliv Res 2016;4(2)

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