Survey results on GP referrals

Outpatient Appointment Referrals

  • An online survey by Populus for NHS England and Monitor of 7,038 adults in England & Wales in April 2014 found that 75% had been to their GP in the previous 12 months.
  • Of those who had seen their GP (n= 5,310) 51% had been referred by their GP for an outpatient appointment.
  •  56% of patients aged 65 and over were referred, compared to 44% of those aged 18-24.
  •  More than half (53%) of respondents who have been referred did discuss with their GP which hospital or clinic they might go to for their first outpatient appointment.
  • See the data tables here.

The thrust of the survey was to understand patient choice, and sadly the report does not include any information about selection criteria or response rate, or the implications of it being an online survey.

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