New data resources added to the Handbook

Numbers are key to commissioning but are often very difficult to find. Here are some new resources highlighted by recent mailing list discussions.

Compendium of Neurology Data, England – 2012-13 (HSCIC, March 2014) – a compendium of the accessible Neurology data from various data sources.

Patients registered with GPs – A quarterly snapshot of data published by HSCIC showing patient numbers by GP practice, CCG, NHS England area team and NHS England region.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Commissioning for Value focus packs – help to identify potential opportunities for improving outcomes, quality and efficiency at CCG level as well as evidence-based, cost-effective solutions to the issues highlighted in the packs from NICE.

Cardiovascular outcomes versus expenditure tool from the National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network.

LTC Dashboard – Part of the House of Care model  – A summary of metrics across five areas; risk factors, prevalence, quality of care, quality of life and economic activity.

Syndromic Surveillance Why are patients visiting their GP / Emergency department? – the syndromic surveillance programme is part of PHEs early warning surveillance programme. Records the number of GP visits, both in hours and out of hours and ED visits for known indicators.

An updated version of the HSCIC “Health and social care information: a guide for journalists

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