New additions to Handbook Hot Topics

Added to the Integrated Care Hot Topic page:

  • Evaluating integrated and community-based care: how do we know what works? Nuffield Trust, 2013. This evaluation of over 30 community-based interventions designed to reduce emergency hospital admissions (including POPP, DH ICP and Virtual wards) concludes that  “the service models evaluated to date generally appear not to be associated with reductions in emergency hospital admissions.”

Added to the Hot Topic – Urgent Care page.

  • Accident & Emergency Performance England 2013/14: national and regional data (House of Commons, 14 April 2014). An analysis of the DH’s Weekly A&E Data from April 2013 to March 2014. Includes Weekly data, highest and lowest attendances per area team, Major A&E dept attendances per 1,000 population, Population-relative A&E attendance per region by type, highest and lowest attendances by NHS trust, Variation in the percentage of patients waiting over four hours per area team, Highest and lowest % of patients waiting over 4 hours at major departments by month, number of emergency admissions via type 1 departments as a percentage of type 1 attendance.

Add finally – don’t forget the Kings Fund Reading Lists – some of these have been added to different pages of the Handbook, but it is worth scanning through the topics available.

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