New Hot Topic – Integrated services

Integrated services is a key policy of the current government, affecting how health and social care services are commissioned,  delivered and measured.

A new Hot Topic page – Integrated services – brings together key policies, evidence and case studies.

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Pioneering new approaches to delivering integrated care

The Integrated Care and Support Pioneers programme is a key programme in the government’s push to support integration of health and social care services. The  fourteen initiatives selected aim to provide evidence to support delivery of a range of different approaches to coordinated care.

As well as a map of case studies and evidence library the  ICASE (Integrated Care and Support Exchange)  is an exchange forum for those involved in developing integrated care.


Integrated care pilots

Where is the evidence for promoting integrated care?

There are a range of health and social care integration pilots currently active being encouraged by government initiatives. This HSJ  article (12 February 2014 Subscription requiredincludes links to HSJ articles describing some of the key pilots.

New Hot Topic – Provider procurement models

The new outcomes based contracting model proposed in Oxford has been hitting the headlines recently – if someone asked you to find out about it where would you look?

See the new Hot Topic page on Provider Procurement Models in the Handbook to find out about the models described in the latest NHS  Standard Contract including Lead Providers and the Oxford CCG case study.

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Map of Medicine referral management editorial

Map of medicine provide a referral management function – their editorial paper Having it all: efficient and high quality referral management (Jan 2014) includes articles from guest contributors who share their perspectives on the referral process is available on request.


Intermediate care – benchmarking and evidence

There are few good resources for commissioners around intermediate care. The National Audit of Intermediate Care from NHS Benchmarking is available to non subscribers to the service and includes case studies and a systematic review of the evidence around the relationship between different team characteristics and patient outcomes in intermediate care  –

Exploring Differences between Different Intermediate Care Configurations – A Review of the Literature. Dr Tony Smith et al.  NHS Benchmarking 2013.

This resource has been added to the Handbook on the Commissioning for specific service sectors page under Planned Care and Benchmarking

PHE National Intelligence networks

Public Health England Health Intelligence Networks have been developed to deliver information, data, best practice, evidence and predictive models to support strategic decision making.

The following have been added to the Commissioning Handbook page on specific diseases or conditions

Local government – what it does and how it works

A quick guide to local government for health commissioners and providers   Local Government Authority (May 2013) – A clear and succinct guide to the role and scope of local government from what they do and how they work to spending and funding.

NSF and care strategies outlined on NHS Choices

NHS National service frameworks and strategies
This page on NHS Choices outline the National Service Frameworks (NSFs) and strategies for care across a range of conditions – currently Cancer, CHD, COPD, Diabetes Quality Standards, Kidney Care, Long term conditions, Mental Health, Older People, and stroke.

General practice consultation data since 2009

I posted recently about the HSCIC publication “Trends in consultation rates in General Practice 1995-2009” and the fact that this data is no longer collected. However I have found a Centre for Health Economics (CHE) report which extrapolates data from the GP Patient survey to estimate the number of GP consultations for its publication on NHS Productivity from 2004 to 2011.